The official River Saver webshop of Plastic Cup Initiative


Frequently Asked Questions #FAQ

So, how does this work exactly? Is River Saver a sub-brand of Plastic Cup?

Yes, exactly. We created the River Saver brand to support the Plastic Cup initiative river saver actions with internationally coordinated efforts. This is done by selling products related to the river, made in the Plastic Workshop and other partner craft workshops, from 100% recycled or natural materials.


How do I contribute to river cleaning actions with my purchase?

With every product you purchase, you contribute to financing Plastic Cup's river cleaning actions. You can imagine this as the proceeds being allocated after deducting the costs related to production, webshop operation, and shipping. The remaining amount, (the entire profit) is then directed to a separate account. This account is used exclusively to finance river cleaning actions or the necessary equipment for these actions.


Are the delivery times really this long with you?

Most of our products are made after the order is placed, waiting to accumulate the necessary quantity for production. Therefore, it is advisable to expect longer delivery times. However, this is precisely what gives uniqueness to each of our products. This is how we maintain the unique perception of our brand. We understand that this may not align well with our fast-paced world, but it helps avoid unnecessary waste from overproduced items. Moreover, the proceeds from accumulated inventories are used to finance our ongoing river rescue activities.