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Riversaving products are utility items made partly or entirely from river waste, the purchase and use of which can effectively contribute to the cleaning of the River Tisza. The raw material of Riversaver products is provided by river waste extracted from the environment, from which Plastic Cup initiative (PET Kupa in hungarian) produces a circular raw material, and then produces an environmentally friendly product with the involvement of industry players. A common feature of Riversaver products is that it gives a new purpose, function and destination to single-use plastic that is thrown away and ends up in nature.

Without exception, river-saving products can be completely reused and repaired, and circular raw materials can be produced from them again at the end of their useful life. The River Saver certification is issued by the Plastic Cup initiative. The title is awarded to products whose raw material comes from an identifiable source, partially or entirely from waste extracted from the river, in the development of which Plastic Cup's specialists, river savers and working groups took an active part, and the income from which is used to implement river-cleaning campaigns and awareness-raising events.