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Plastic Laboratory visited Tiszafüred - World Environment Day 2023"

Silimon Emese
Silimon Emese
22/11/2023 09:01

Approximately 150 children from three schools participated in the interactive, awareness-raising Plastic Workshop organized on the occasion of World Environment Day in TiszafüredT

The issue of water and river pollution was already familiar to the students, as residents along the Tisza River, they encounter waste in aquatic habitats in their everyday lives.

Regardless of age, both the young and the old listened with interest and attention to the plastic pirates' insights on 'plastic literacy.

At the various stations of the segmented exhibition, the children engaged in crafting activities using plastic waste, ground up bottle caps - one of the most easily recyclable plastics. With the assistance of MüMü engineers, they melted the plastic and pressed it into new forms.

At the end of the workshop, each participant left with a Plastic Workshop product, and we hope, with a more environmentally conscious mindset.

The Environmental World Day event in Hungary was supported by UNEP and the Carpathian Convention!

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